Sexy Maids Chicago provides a sophisticated, elegant and sexy touch to cleaning your beautiful home



Our Maids provide light to moderate cleaning of your home or apartment in Chicago. Our focus is on ensuring your home is given the attention it deserves while being as sexy as can be :)


All of our Maids are classy, sophisticated women who are dedicated to ensuring your experience is a memorable one. There is no better way to have your home cleaned than by a beautiful woman.



We provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere while we are cleaning your home. We love to chat and have a laugh with you while we clean.

Our Clients


Our Clients have an understanding of the finer things in life. 

They are classy and are usually a busy, hard working professional.

They understand that some things in life are worth paying for.

They look for fun and beauty in all the right places.

They are financially stable and are looking for a beautiful woman to regularly clean their home for them.

They enjoy their privacy and value our Maids' ability to be discreet in providing their cleaning services.

Our Maid Services

Our Maids solely provide household/apartment cleaning for our Clients. This includes vacuuming, dusting, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, bed-making, laundry services and any other general household cleaning you may require. 

Our Maids are not able to provide deep cleaning of your home.

We DO NOT participate in any sexual activity and kindly request that our Clients also don't during the cleaning service.

Our Maid service is NOT an offer for prostitution or any other illegal behavior.

We provide 100% confidentiality for our Clients.

The Client is to provide a picture ID to our Maid when she arrives at your home. 

The Client will need to provide somewhere for the Maid to change into her sexy outfit when she arrives.

The Client is to provide all cleaning supplies for the Maid to use.



Our pricing is very simple.

$120 for a 90 minute Home Cleaning and $80 for each additional hour.

There is also a $40 travel charge for clients living outside of Chicago.


Sexy Maids Chicago

Chicago, IL 60601